The blatant hypocrisy of college football

The argument was so tired, it put everyone to sleep faster than a history professor. “The BCS preserves the integrity of the regular season.” “College football is about tradition, and a playoff would ruin a lot of those traditions.” It was all bunk, of course. The BCS was in place to protect the power conferences’ … Continue reading

“Daddy, that’s AMAZING!”

There’s a little boy or girl in all of us when we watch something as thrilling as the USAF Thunderbirds screaming over head. While my family and I were at Hill Air Force Base on Saturday for the Warriors Over The Wasatch Air Show, I stared with as much wonder as my 3-year-old son, while … Continue reading

Under Construction

This site is currently under construction. I plan on having it up and running in a few weeks, so please bear with me. Please check back, as I plan to include my journalism and digital media portfolio, as well as links to my scholarly research and — eventually, I hope, my fiction writing.